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Michael Onyeka Ezeadichie

Ezeadichie Onyeka Michael is the Co-Founder of Haelsoft, a Professional Services Company in Nigeria that provides Information and Technology Services for small and big size companies in Nigeria(Africa). He is an Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist with Expertise in Web Technology and Digital Marketing. He has developed & Implemented Digital Marketing Strategies(Campaigns) for top brands across sectors in Finance, Telecommunication, Ecommerce who operate in the African market. His professional experience includes key roles at Google Business Group(Nigeria), Google Women on the Web (Nigeria), Edubridge Consultant and Wild Fusion where he has trained over 500 Entrepreneurs on how to use various Web Technology products to succeed online. Customer centricity, User Experience, Conversion optimization are 3 pronged framework he applies around the often-frenetic world of web analytics to ensure that clients stay competitive in the market. He believes that investing in talent is the key to long term success for brands across Nigeria (Africa).


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Content Marketing Training

Content Marketing Training (1.5 hours)   In the wake of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Content Marketing takes on a whole new level of importance. Of course, internet marketers have been writing content for years, but now legitimate content creators have a new voice and a new complex strategy to develop. In SEO, articles are written […]

YouTube Training Nigeria

YouTube and Video Marketing Training

You’ll learn what kind of content goes viral, why viewers connect with brands via video, and how analytics can help you understand and achieve your online marketing goals. In today’s media-rich culture, leaving yourself out of the video market is leaving yourself out in the cold. YouTube and Video Marketing (1 hour)   Section 1: […]


Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals

Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals (1-2 hours) Just getting started in Internet Marketing? Gain a solid foundation of basic skills and some fundamental strategies and tactics with this course. You’ll start with an introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Pay Per Click Advertising. Then move on to additional training in each, with […]

PPC & Paid Search Marketing Training

PPC & Paid Search Marketing (5 Hours) With your competition getting smarter every day, it’s critical not only to have a strong foundation in pay-per-click principles, but an advanced understanding in keyword research, ad copy, formula-based bidding strategies, PPC economics and customer psychology, as you learn a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach to designing, building, and maintaining […]

Online Marketing Strategy Concept

Online Marketing Fundamentals

Gain a comprehensive overview of Internet marketing, and finish with a solid understanding of not only how each discipline works, but how the disciplines work together. The curriculum is made up of six discipline-specific short courses, each with its own final test. At the end of the series, you’ll be armed with enough information to […]

Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommece Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training in Nigeria (45 Hours) Take your SEO training to the next level with Comprehensive SEO Training. Join Ezeadichie Onyeka Michael, Chinwe Okoye as they take you through everything from on-page fundamentals to keyword research, SEO copywriting, site architecture, link building, and local search optimization strategies. You’ll learn all you need […]