You’ll learn what kind of content goes viral, why viewers connect with brands via video, and how analytics can help you understand and achieve your online marketing goals. In today’s media-rich culture, leaving yourself out of the video market is leaving yourself out in the cold.

YouTube and Video Marketing (1 hour)


Section 1: Outlining Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a valuable marketing channel for virtually any set of goals. Whether you’re a small business, YouTube partner, or national advertiser, you can take advantage of YouTube’s tools to draw customers in and expand your reach. This primer outlines everything you’ll need for your YouTube strategy.

Section 2: Identifying Who Discovers New Videos

Today YouTube helps 900 million people discover, watch, and share videos. However, only a certain percent are considered the “early adopters” responsible for finding the newest videos. Discover who these people are, and how to find them.

Section 3: Getting Your Videos Discovered

It’s critical to optimize your videos for search: you must connect what people are looking for with what you have to offer. Whether in a YouTube search, Google search, or your blog, learn what you can do to get your videos discovered.

Section 4: Knowing Where and When to Customize Your Channel

Up until recently, making changes to your YouTube channel was a long and difficult process. Now you can easily customize your channel based on your own individual needs and preferences. In this video, Greg will familiarize you will the different channel templates and features YouTube offers.

Section 5: Why Are Your Videos Worth Discovering

Despite all the best optimization, viewers will watch your video and make a judgment. Therefore it is vital to have a video with content worth watching. Get production tips, and find out what else can be done to ensure your videos get discovered.

Section 6: How to Leverage YouTube Analytics

Discover the uses of the various different reports available with YouTube Analytics. Greg offers valuable advice on which of those reports to be wary of and how to use them to improve your channel.

Section 76: Identifying Who Shares New Videos

Go from getting your videos discovered to getting your videos shared. You’ll learn to understand who shares new videos, and what differentiates them from viewers who don’t share.

Section 8: What You Can Do To Get Your New Videos Shared

Want to increase the number of viewers for your video? Join Greg as he relates important tips from the YouTube Creator Playbook to get your video shared!

Section 9: Where And When To Explore YouTube Alternatives

Sooner or later, people will begin to question if there is a world outside of YouTube. For that, it is important to familiarize yourself with the existing alternatives. In this video, Greg will tell you not only about other video-sharing sites, but other video properties and platforms as well.

Section 10: Why Are Your Videos Worth Sharing?

In addition to good technique and production quality, your videos must have valuable content in order to get shared. In part 10 of this series, Greg illustrates the types of videos that get shared. In addition, he will explain what you can do to stop the spread of a negative video.

Section 11: Measuring Business Outcomes

Whatever your business goals may be, YouTube can help you achieve them. Join Greg as he goes over a few case studies with remarkable marketing strategies, and think about how these examples can be applied to your own business.

Section 12: Keeping Up With the Changes (It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over)

There are never-ending changes to the dynamic medium that is YouTube. Join Greg in the last video of this YouTube Marketing series as he imparts his strategy on how to stay on top of the trends and surprises YouTube throws at you.