Social Media Marketing Training in Nigeria

Social Media is evolving fast. How can you keep up with all the options, platforms, and trends, much less know which ones are worth pursuing? Take your training to the next level with comprehensive Social Media Training and learn not only how to use each tool but how to decide which strategy is better for which type of campaign and what kind of business. Opeyemi Oluleye and Bukky Oluleye will give you everything you need to run your own highly successful social media campaign.
This course qualifies graduates for Haelsoft Certification.

Recommended prerequisites: Fundamentals: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media

Social Media is hot . . . and continues to get hotter. Companies no longer question whether Social Media can work for them; now, it’s about how it can work for them. With an ever-growing list of channels and paths, Social Media can quickly spin out of control. In this comprehensive introduction to the discipline, Opeyemi Oluleye covers the vast spectrum of Social Media options, getting you prepared for taking advantage of the massive opportunities in front of every business.

Creating a Social Media Strategy

As with every marketing effort, Social Media Marketing requires planning to make best use of your time and resources. It’s an opportunity to take your marketing to your audience where they live, in a format that invites not only their attention, but also their participation. This primer will sort out all the questions and introduce you to a number of social media options.

Blogging For Business

In this multi-part series, you’ll cover every aspect of blogging you’ll need. From personal blogs to small business blogs to corporate blogs, you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and why it’s worth doing. The series also includes tips on engaging the blogging community to get other bloggers talking to their audiences about your products and services.

Viral Marketing

While there is no magic formula for making your marketing message “go viral,” there are some core principles that marketers can use to increase the odds of success. Discover the components of a good viral marketing campaign to help you ignite word-of-mouth marketing, specific techniques to spread your message, and how to effectively convey the message you wish to spread. Plus, you’ll be walked through a checklist on enhancing the viral potential of a message.

Finding and Communicating with Your Influencers

You’ve done all this great work getting your social media campaign in place. Now what? There’s still one critical step in getting your product or service to be the talk of the town: getting it in front of the right people. Jennifer discusses the importance of influencers, and how to go about vetting and communicating with the people who can make the biggest impact for your company.

Video and YouTube

Opeyemi Oluleye explains how YouTube works and how to take advantage of it as a social media marketing tool. First, he shares some tips for increasing your reach with online video from production to promotion. Then, you’ll get some insider tips for finding your opinion leaders, reaching the right audience, and achieving the elusive “viral” status.

Social Networking and Facebook

Facebook has grown into a marketing juggernaut, a general purpose social media site used by individuals and businesses alike to share status updates, links, photos, videos, and more. In this series, you’ll learn how to best leverage Facebook’s one billion members to find your customers, engage them in community, encourage relationships, build brand, and establish loyalty to your business.

Microblogging and Twitter

Opeyemi discusses not only the growing variety of micro-blogging tools available, but also strategies and case studies surrounding these versatile business tools. Learn what tools are available for managing your stream, how to find people interested in networking with you, and how to track the success of your message. See examples of the many ways businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of this medium to provide superior customer service, build brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Online Reputation Management

In the offline world, if someone says something negative about your company or your product, it generally gets lost in a sea of consumer white noise and reaches relatively few people. On the internet, however, bad press is aggregated into all the other information about your company. Jennifer explains how to look for — and address — bad reviews and comments about your company, empowering you to take control of your online reputation.

Social Media Measurement

So you’re probably already participating across half a dozen Social Media channels, but what impact has this made on your business? If you’re not measuring the direct effects of your social media efforts, you may be unaware of how, or if, you’re affecting the company’s bottom line. It’s essential to measure various social metrics to understand how your efforts are actually driving conversions, leads, and sales. Jennifer identifies the key metrics to track when measuring Social Media as well as how to tie those metrics directly to real business outcomes.

Supplemental Material: Marketing Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn can have an enormous impact on the connections you build with other colleagues and go a long way toward pre-qualifying your stature in the business community. Opeyemi shows you how to make the most of your account with features like recommendations, groups, events, questions and answers, and others to build awareness for you and your company.

Supplemental Material: Pinterest and Image Marketing

Pinterest is a powerful new marketing channel that requires serious strategy. It’s a community of people predisposed to collect information, who have defined their areas of interest, and who have volunteered to share. So if you can find your audience (and its influencers) and provide them with great content, they’ll engage with you, and help you find more prospects. Jennifer breaks down Pinterest marketing into easily relatable business concepts, giving you a framework to help build your strategy. Jen also shows you how to set up analytics to track and evaluate your efforts, so you can see if you’re headed in the right direction, and respond early and authoritatively if change is required.