Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals (1-2 hours)

Just getting started in Internet Marketing? Gain a solid foundation of basic skills and some fundamental strategies and tactics with this course. You’ll start with an introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Pay Per Click Advertising. Then move on to additional training in each, with a special focus on optimizing for local search.

Internet Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals  (3-5 hours)

Take this course if . . . – You’re new to Internet Marketing, or – You’re somewhat familiar with Social Media Marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but you are not actively using or managing them in promoting your business.

Section 1: Online Marketing Fundamentals

Get a sound primer in what may be the three most important aspects of Internet marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. This introduction will familiarize you with the basic concepts and vocabulary of each, so you’ll be ready to move on to learn just how to put them to work for you and your business.

Section 2: Local SEO Optimization

Discover the top ranking factors that determine success in local search with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For businesses with a local or regional presence, there’s huge upside in optimizing your site for local search, and it’s a safe bet most of your competitors aren’t doing it right.

Section 3: Social Media Reputation Management

One unhappy customer with a popular blog or an active Yelp following can have a huge negative impact on your brand. Get prepared to tackle those complaints head on, and save considerable revenue from going down the toilet. Jennifer explains how to look for – and address – bad reviews and comments about your company, and how to respond in ways that empower you to take control of your reputation.

Section 4: Facebook Marketing

Facebook has grown to be a powerful business marketing tool. In this course, Jennifer uncovers how businesses can use Facebook as a massive lead generation and customer communication platform. From custom landing pages to groups to apps and visitor analysis, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of this versatile and far-reaching social networking application.

Section 5: Pay Per Click Advertising

Harness the awesome power of Pay Per Click Advertising and build organized, targeted campaigns around the most valuable keywords in your space. Learn to optimize your campaigns for specific audiences or geographic regions.  And understand the psychology of search, the buying cycle, and the high value of compelling ad copy that’s tuned in to seasonal search trends.